Tiles Plastering offers all of your stucco and plaster needs. Whether you have a new building or want to make an existing building LOOK new we can help. Also we specialize in stucco patches for doors, windows, edges, and walls. And solar panel and battery patches. No job is too small! Here are the quality stucco products we use!

Re-Stucco (Restorations)

Re-stucco - pressure wash, C-1 base, color coat. San Diego Stucco and Plaster Restoration and Patchwork
Tired at looking at delapidated, chipped and stained stucco? A new stucco coat can make your building as good as new!

Re-Stucco: first step either scrape or pressure wash depending on severity of damage or stain. Next step is patch or fill in any holes or stucco that was knocked off or pressure washed off, (patchwork). Next step application of concrete bonding glue or C-I base coat over existing stucco in preparation for stucco color coat and texture . Last step is color coat and texture of clients choice.

New Construction Buildings

Stucco - scratch, brown, color coat
Doing a new building, ADU or garage? Whatever the size we can handle your stucco needs. From start to finish.

In new construction, installation of weep screed. 60 minute tar paper, waterproof caulking, stucco netting also corner beads and milcore metals.

For stucco : application of scratch coat then brown coat ,which consists of a plastic cement

And masonry sand and depending on project sometimes additives are required such as rise eisenwall rapid set mortar rapid set concrete bonding glue fiber glass and lime, then the color coat with texture is the last coat.

Textures: sand finish with 30/30 grit,20/30 grit or 16/20 grit, small skip trowel, medium skip trowel, regular skip trowel, nickel and dime, cat face, glacier, smooth , Santa Barbra,synthetic, spray finish.etc

Solar Panel Upgrades

Solar Panel Stucco Patch Projects
If you are getting solar panels, chances are there will be a new power sub-panel or battery installed. No problem!

Patch Work, Windows and Doors and Holes

Solar Panel Stucco Patch Projects
Tiles Plastering can handle the process from start to finish in making the wall was never touched.

Starts with breaking stucco around perimeter in order to expose existing paper and wire this is done for waterproofing purposes and for tying in stucco wire together to prevent cracking around patch. Next step is to apply scratch and brown coat with scratch and brown quick Crete mix or any number of scratch and brown brands sold at building material shops. Final step color coat and texture match . The matching of color itself depends on what the customer decides . Customer can decide to paint over stucco and or get as close a match as possible to existing color, it is not 100 percent guaranteed that the stucco color will match 100 percent due to aging and exposure of sun on existing stucco.


Solar Panel Stucco Patch Projects
Does your property or driveway have a stucco wall? We can restore it to a pristine state. All the steps needed to beautiful stutus are handled by Tiles Plaster.

Stuco products that we proudly use: