Reviews and Testimonials

While we are proud to share our story, sometimes the best testimonial is by a customer. Plese read our reviews below to get an idea of the work we do. You can also find us on Yelp!

Holy Moly was this a good experience. Juan and his team were prompt, professional, clean. And open to all the little details I requested as we got our garage re-stucco, and our house patched.

Right from the start I had a good feeling as Juan was willing to come out quickly and assess what we were looking for. He gave us multiple options and prices for different services to be done. We were not sure initially that we'd address the house part, but his prices and the explanation of what he could do was really helpful in making a decision. In the end, he also found a few things to help touch up and take care while he was there that we had missed. But the price stayed the same. Just good ole quality customer service.

I'd recommend Tiles Plastering and Juan to anyone, and will be calling him when the time is right for us to fully re-stucco the house next, now that we see how great the garage looks!
-Clarke (Ocean Beach)

Juan is really nice, always answering the phone, always on time and most important clean work and fair prices
-Didi (Grantville)

Honest, professional, prompt! Can't complain

We have a house that is up for repainting and it was important for me to patch it up properly prior to that. He came in today, evaluated and gave his honest opinion. Thank you!
Anastasia (Tierrasanta)

Excellent communication, was timely and friendly. Juan and team took care of some stucco repair and drywall work.

Would recommend!
-James (San Diego)

Juan and his team are no frills, get-the-job-done kinda guys, which is exactly what we needed for our small stucco project. We have a front garden wall that needed a large crack repaired and a small window filled in to match the surrounding stucco. The price was beyond fair and Juan did a fantastic job - you can't even tell that a window used to exist! He was friendly, efficient, and cleaned up after very well. Juan is fluent in both Spanish and English as well.

We added Juan to our list of contractors to call back for any future stucco work!
Jenn (San Diego)